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Open Letter to Snooki's Bored Facebook Friends

Photo: (Getty Images)

With Jersey Shore on tonight, we popped over to Snooki's Facebook page to see if she had any insider scoop on the episode — only to discover that the girl had to call out her cyberbullies yet again.


Yeesh, guys. For real? She already took a zero tolerance stand once before. This time she posted on FB:

"I cannot believe the cyber bullying that goes on my page. So sad dude. I wish people wouldn't be so hard on others...Im sorry to all my TRUE amazing fans out there who aren't ignorant ? love you!"

Well, we have a message too ...

Dear Haters,

We couldn't help but notice the venom you spit on our girl Snooki's Facebook page. Then again, this isn't the first time we've noticed such nonsense peppered across Facebook's nooks and crannies -- toward celebrities, classmates, strangers. It's all the same. It's not original. It's kinda awkward, actually. It's getting its butt kicked by the The Digital Rights Project.

Isn't it easier to just block the people you're not nuts about rather than hurting their feelings? Because let's not forget: Although she's unique in all the world, Snooks is a human being, too. Yeah, she's a TV star and whatnot but she's got emotions like you. Haven't see you seen her get all teary eyed over Jionni or over The Situation's antics?! We care about her -- and we care about you. We don't want you embarrassing yourself online by picking on strangers. And c'mon does anyone really feel good after being nasty online? It's just an icky feeling, like you need to take a shower or something.

So c'mon now. Get it together. Life is short. You got better things to do than throw shade. K, thanks.


A Sincere Snooki Fan