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T.I. Supports Anti-Bullying on Facebook and Beyond

Photo: (Getty Images)

Big Things Poppin' for T.I. in 2012! The rap-phenom's landed himself a new VH1 show, "T.I. and Tiny: The Family Hustle" and even has a new album on the way (with 50 songs recorded for it!), but that's not stopping him from promoting a cause close to his heart -- anti-bullying.


Yesterday, T.I. (or is it T.I.P.?) took to his Facebook page to shout out Saving Our Daughters, a non-profit organization that empowers teen girls to put a stop to bullying and abuse both in and out of school. "Remember Fam to take the [Saving Our Daughters] Oath," he wrote in a message that reached just over 14 million fans. By subscribing to the suggested eight-step oath, young women promise to take positive steps toward identifying and reporting acts of bullying. Afterwards, they're asked pass the oath on to their friends to ramp up awareness about S.O.D. and inevitably nip bullying in the bud.

Spearheading the Saving Our Daughters effort is Nickelodeon starlet, and "Joyful Noise" actress, Keke Palmer, whose experience with bullying dates back to elementary school. "I was different," Palmer recently told one reporter. "I went to a private school, but I talked very funny with a Southern accent, my hair wasn't straight...[my peers] didn't understand [me]." Palmer's no stranger to the anti-bullying fight -- we saw her rocking her STAND CONNECTED gear at a screening of A THIN LINE's (DIS)CONNECTED film back in October. Now, she's using her past bouts with bullies to advise young girls on how Saving Our Daughters can help them navigate hate. "You're not gonna be able to stop people from saying things to you, but it's the way you react to it...[don't] let it affect you in your life."

And cue T.I. and RiRi..."Live Your Life, Ay yay Ay yay Ay yayyyy"