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Show Love By Entering The Love Is Louder Video Fest

Photo: (Love Is Louder/Facebook)

How loud is your love? Is it louder than a Drake slow jam, or the crinkling of a thousand Godiva chocolate box wrappers? If so, there's a chance your story could trump all things romantical this Valentine's Day when Love Is Louder unveils its new and improved website. Submit a "love is louder" video by February 12 and you may be standing in a heart-shaped spotlight come February 14.

The brand new Love Is Louder Video Festival is an online celebration of loud, loud love — which is any kind of love, really, that drowns out hate, discrimination, bullying or hurt. Just film a brief message with heart (via by song, just talking, show art/photos or even interviewing people), upload your video entry and let your voice join the others in an increasingly powerful, unified message. The winning video will be featured on the new Love Is Louder website (launching  on V day) and right here on MTV Act. To top it off, actress Brittany Snow will send over an autographed #loveislouder goodie bag to show her love in return. To be considered, you'll have to submit by this coming Sunday night, February 12. Then, B. Snow and her army of lovers start in on their very tough decision.

You can read over the contest rules by clicking on the link below. Get your friends in on it by tweeting loud love — using the hashtag #LoveisLouder and the URL in all tweets. What does Love Is Louder mean to you ... and how do you want to express it?