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Not-So-Sweet Tweet: Lady Gaga’s Little Monsters Attack Kelly Osbourne

Photo: Kelly Osbourne and Lady Gaga. (Getty Images)

Mother Monster always tells her fan army to put their paws up, but is this what she meant?!

It all started when Kelly Osbourne, beloved Dancing with the Stars alum who’s now co-hosting on E!’s Fashion Police, made a comment about Lady Gaga’s absence on the Grammys red carpet this past Sunday:

“Being part of the music industry is walking the red carpet. You say hello to your fans and you give back to those reporters and those people who supported you. And when you go to an awards show and you don’t walk the red carpet, I find that disrespectful.”

Coming from the colorful Kelly O, this seems pretty tame –- but the Little Monsters didn’t think so, and they pounced on the bubbly Brit’s Twitter feed with their claws out.

Aight, maybe you gotta take the heat if you’re gonna step into the celeb kitchen. And sure, social media exists as a place to air your beef and start a convo -- she responded directly to many of the pissed-off Monsters, even defiantly retweeting some of their nastier jabs -- but when ish got increasingly beastly, it crossed Kelly's Thin Line:

Still, some of Gaga's faithful thought she had it twisted as a fan tweeted:

@MissKellyO there's a difference between bullying and defending. If you're gonna talk s*** about someone we care about expect to get trashed

It seems super ironic that this online diss fest is going down right before the launch of Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation -- which is dedicated to fighting prejudice and hate, especially youth bullying -- on Feburary 29 in Boston.

Many people seemed surprised that the Gaga clan responded so viciously, especially when they are known for incredible compassion, like the wonderful peeps behind the Monster HotLine.

Lady Osbourne put it this way:

So tell us: does Kelly’s cyber punishment fit her on-air crime? Are the passionate Little Monsters simply defending their precious pop idol or are they acting monstrously in light of Mother Monster’s message of tolerance? Vote in our poll below!