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'Glee''s Cory Monteith is 'Straight But Not Narrow'


Photo: (WireImage)

Cory Monteith has joined the movement of guys talking to guys about guys who like guys. Phew, say that three times fast. The “Glee” star joined the likes of Avan Jogia of "Victorious" and Josh Hutcherson of the upcoming “The Hunger Games”, in saying that they are Straight But Not Narrow (SBNN).


The SBNN movement, founded by Jogia, aims to reach straight guys (and girls), opening their minds about people they know being, “straight, gay, and everything in between.” If more and more straight guys start standing up for their LGBT peers, then hopefully much of the bullying toward gay teens will subside.

Cory's character on “Glee”, Finn, knows a thing or two about standing up for his gay step-brother, Kurt (played by Chris Colfer). He didn't come to that stance without struggling with his own beliefs, but in the end realized he could be a powerful voice against bullying.

SBNN wants to spread open-mindedness, and promote a “who cares?” attitude. Does it really matter who the guy in your history class chooses to date?

"Maybe you like to play football," he says in the video. "Maybe you like to sing and dance. Maybe you like both. Maybe you don't like either. It doesn't matter, just be yourself. Just be you, cause that's good enough for me."

Watch the video and let us know what you think. For help establishing an SBNN campaign in your school, contact the Gay, Lesbian and Striaght Education Network (GLSEN), or start a GSA of your own.