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[VIDEO] Dan Savage & Terry Miller Share 'It Gets Better' Moments That Moved Them Most

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Exactly 17 months after posting the first It Gets Better video, Dan Savage and Terry Miller take their movement to the small screen with their MTV special airing tonight at 11/10c (simultaneously airing on Logo). Yesterday, we shared with you the trailer and Dan & Terry's tips on making it better right now. To tease tonight's incredibly moving show a tad bit more, the guys dish on some favorite videos and fan feedback since launching on September 21, 2010.

"One of the things people did is people were bullied, they suffered, and they didn't ever tell anybody what they were going through because there was no hope that it could change," Dan says about seeing the need for the campaign. After launching, well known figures in pop culture like Vinny Guadagnino and in politics like President Barack Obama posted their own videos online.

One video in particular really moved Dan & Terry, as they share in the video below, and made them realize the impact the campaign was having on them:

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Obviously, Dan and Terry weren't the only ones feeling the impact of the campaign. Feedback that flowed into their inbox illustrated how much better the lives of young LGBT people were getting. One letter they got was from a young girl who gained the strength to fight on by watching videos while hiding from her parents. Watch Dan retell the story below:

+ WATCH: Dan Savage shares a fan letter that really moved him.

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