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Sweet Tweet: Kim Kardashian Faces Bullies On Her Blog

Photo: (Getty Images)

Like her sister, Khloe, Kim Kardashian has just about had enough with haters...

The A-list reality star, who recently returned from charity trip to Haiti, took to Twiiter yesterday, sending a serious message to her fans: Bullying is NOT the biz-ness.

The tweet, which went to over 13 million followers, linked to her personal blog where she explained, "You can say what you like about me...but when you come on here and harass and bully other fans, you will be banned from leaving comments." It seems that in the past few days, fans of Kardashian began to bash each other for their respective points of view and the assaults got nasty.  "Find something better to do with your time," furthered Kim K, "because I don't want you here, and neither does anyone else."

A victim of bullying herself, Kardahsian does not take digs lightly,  nor should she. In a recent Act interview, Kim's sister, Khloe, told me that she's even stopped reading comments because of the hateful things people have said. "Even if you read 900 positive comments about yourself and one negative, that one negative sticks with you." And so the sisters are spreading the word to their fans and their family that bullying is not, umm, Kool. And we're  totally with them on that.