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[Q&A] Instant Message Mama Drama!


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Need an answer to a burning digital question? Every other week, we'll be running one of the best Q&As we've received from our team of experts on digital ethics. This week’s response comes from Parry Aftab, Executive Director of &


About two years ago, me and two other friends decided to go onto another girl's instant messaging account. WE WERE IN FIFTH GRADE! (going into sixth). Very young. All we did was add a few buddies, but this girl claims we wrote things calling her a bitch, and other nasty comments. This girl and her mother are absolutely psycho and keep telling other girls in my grade and other moms to stay away from me! It's horrible and I can't stand it.


Two years is a long time for a mother to hold a grudge. I suggest that you either get your own mom involved and ask her to talk to the other mom so that you can fess up to what you did, and make it clear what you didn’t do . You can also ask a guidance counselor to help. An apology is always a good idea even after two years, and sometimes all it takes is a simple apology and fessing up to what you did to make people forgive.

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