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Photo: (Rovio)

From our point of view, smartphones and the Internet have both good and bad sides -- we hate digital drama, but we love all the ways that they let us get in touch with our friends. And, well, we also love spending hours getting caught up in games like Angry Birds. It’s the latter point that brings us to you today: what if there were a way to combine the fun of flinging birds around with our desire to take action against digital drama? Today, we’re announcing a way to do so.

MTV’s A THIN LINE campaign against cyberbullying, sexting, and all kinds of digital abuse is teaming up with Angry Birds on their new game, Angry Birds Space, to reward people taking action against digital drama. Starting on March 22, you’ll be able to post any action you’ve taken to Draw Your Line, MTV’s interactive map tracking actions taken across the country, and, by doing so, you’ll receive instructions on how to unlock a secret Golden Egg level of Angry Birds Space! Get started by taking action in your everyday life, from changing your passwords to stepping in when you see someone being bullied online. Then, on March 22, post your action on Draw Your Line to receive the instructions on the secret level.

Like the A THIN LINE Facebook page to be the first to find out when you’ll be able to unlock the secret Golden Egg level! Want more details, including some suggestions on actions you can take? Come back right here on March 22-- we’ll have you covered with tips on how to get involved, detailed instructions on what you need to do, and even an exclusive Angry Birds/A THIN LINE video!