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She’s A Meatball Mama-To-Be, Up Next President...Snooki?!

Photo: (Getty Images)

It’s been a big year for Snooki. She survived the perfect Jersey storm. (Literally and figuratively.) Plus, that whole situation with Situation. And oh yeah, she’s also got a ring on it and a baby meatball on the way! Clearly, the next step for Snooks has gotta be going guidette on the White House, right?

So what would Nicole Polizzi do as Prez for the day? Looks like she’s gonna go with her animal instincts:

Signora Snooks loves her leopard print and wants to be a vet tech someday, so we’re not surprised that she plans to use her executive muscle “to try and save all the animals.”

But she's not just looking out for her furry friends, the feisty reality star is ready to show mad support for anyone that's getting bullied -- and she thinks you should, too!

And don't worry -- just cuz the fifth season of the "Jersey Shore" smushfest has come to a close doesn't mean you will be hearing less from Snooki and her Seaside crew. (Thank gawd for Jerzathons to satiate my Italian appetite!)

DJ Pauly D’s spin-off (see what I did there?!) will prolly fist-pump into our hearts, and who knows what to expect from JWoww and Snooki’s new show now that she’s expecting. Judging by Mama Meatball’s political priorities, maybe there’s a pet adoption in her future? We salute you, Prez Polizzi, for your commitment to animal, and human, welfare! Stay wild, girl.