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Yay! MTV To Be Honored By Trevor Project!

Photo: (Flickr/Tim Stusiak)

In June, the Trevor Live event will once again honor a hero, a visionary and a brave young trailblazer standing up for LGBTQ equality. Joining the good company of Lady Gaga -- who no doubt has her 2011 Trevor Award front and center on her mantel -- the MTV fam is tickled pink to learn that we'll be among 2012's honorees this summer.

MTV will take home the Trevor 2020 Award, in honor of a visionary expected to keep paving the way for social change. It's nice to think MTV's choices may have made a dent in perception along the way. Just think: It's been over 20 years since "Real World" cast member Pedro Zamora made waves by marrying his sweetheart, Sean Sasser, on the air. (MTV viewers voted it their "Favorite Love Story," no less. Sigh ...) Fast forward to anti-bullying campaigns launched just in the past few years to address specific concerns of LGBT viewers: Love is Louder, the "Coming Out" special, A Thin Line, or the "It Gets Better" documentary, for example.

Since 1998, The Trevor Project has offered 24/7 support to LGBT youth struggling with discrimination, misunderstanding and questions about sexual identity. It targets suicide prevention and provides resources to young people who might not know where else to turn -- and it has sparked serious cultural change while doing so. Countless campaigns and organizations have followed The Trevor Project's lead over the years, and MTV is honored to be counted as part of the solution. Stay tuned for more award announcements from Trevor Live, and check out the links below for info on how you can help make a difference, too. Thank you, Trevor Project!!