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[POLL] What Do You Think Of Mitt Romney's Bullying Past: Relevant Or Old News?

Photo: (Getty Images)

When running for public office, people are going to dig into your past. Mitt Romney, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, learned that first-hand this week. As the Washington Post reports, in 1965 a teenage Romney led a group of his classmates to wrestle down a gay boy and forcibly cut off his long hair.

Five different people involved separately reported the same incident. Since then, Romney has apologized, saying, “I don’t recall the incident myself, but I’ve seen the reports and I’m not going to argue with that. There’s no question but that I did some stupid things when I was in high school and obviously if I hurt anyone by virtue of that, I would be very sorry for it and apologize for it.”

Romney also said the alleged bullying was not based on homophobia. “I had no idea what that individual’s sexual orientation might be,” he said.“Going back to the 1960s, that wasn’t something that we all discussed or considered, so that’s simply just not accurate.”

John Lauber, the boy who was the target of the bullying, passed away in 2004, so he can’t give his side to the story. It was reported by those talking with the Washington Post that John cried and begged for help.

Since these bullying allegations have come out, they’ve been all over the news, with different people responding in different ways. It looks like something that’s going to be on people’s minds, so what do you think?  Let us know in our poll!

+ POLL: Are the bullying accusations against Mitt Romney relevant to his Presidential campaign?