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Adam Lambert Says No 'Trespassing' on Anyone's Rights: 'Worry About Yourself'

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Jay-Z certainly isn't the only one standing with President Barack Obama on same-sex marriage. Not long ago, we asked out-and-proud "American Idol" alum Adam Lambert, whose sophomore album Trespassing is out now, about how he felt toward the direction LGBT rights was headed in. His word: hopefully marriage equality moves forward. We can only imagine how he reacted to the President's announcement! (Like this, perhaps?)

Adam, as you (should) know, was snatched of his "Idol" crown and came in second to Kris Allen in 2009. Weeks after the show wrapped, he came out and let nothing and no one hold him back from expressing his true self. He's been known to not-so-subtly let it -- his sexuality -- all out on stage. After his 2009 American Music Awards performance, Adam had to explain his performance after a man-on-man kiss and sexually charged dance moves rubbed some viewers the wrong way -- all of which he claims weren't rehearsed and simply just happened on stage. What he hopes, however, is that his kiss (like Madonna-Britney-Xtina's infamous kiss) is one day seen as any other on-screen, in-your-face kiss.

"I think it's mostly about tolerance and equality," he tells us about his efforts to fight for LGBT rights. "You don't have to agree with it, but you should let someone else live their life, and live it peacefully...everyone should have the right to do as he or she pleases." *tosses confetti* And he didn't stop there. He also a thing or two to say about all the bullying plaguing gay youth's on- and off-line worlds. "Stop hating on people, and making fun of people. Worry about yourself."

Want more from Adam Lambert on gay rights? Watch the full clip! And if you feel'm, be sure to take action below.

+ WATCH: Adam Lambert on LGBT rights progress.

P.S. I give America some LGBT props for focusing more on J.Lo's fall than Adam's kiss.

P.P.S. J.Lo remains flawfree.