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[INTERVIEW] Rebecca Black Brushes Off Haters, Wants You to 'Sing It'

Photo: (MTV)

So we already got teen Youtube phenom Rebecca Black to dish about her dream prom and the caring flair she’d wear on the big night -- but what song would the 14 year old singer love to hear at her underwater dinosaur-themed extravaganza? We’re gonna take a wiiiiild guess and say “Sing It” -- her new single that just dropped this month!

The sweet summer tune is totes in line with her upbeat and bubbly personality -- which not only makes Rebecca super fun to interview, but also helped the rising starlet ignore all those “Friday” haters who blew up her interwebz spot in a major way last year. The Cali girl took it all in stride -- poking fun at herself with a series of hilar Funny or Die vids, appearing in Kathy Beth Terry’s “Last Friday Night,” and getting to work on her new album -- so who’s laughing now?! Watch below to find out how Miss Black draws a line when it comes to bullying and what positive message her new diddy sends to all her fans!

And while you're at it check out our bonus Facebook clip of Miss Black and I, in which I ask her thought-provoking questions like: The Wanted or One Direction and Team Peeta or Team Gale?! My fav question is def. the last one I asked her!

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