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In New 'My Moment' Video, Rebecca Black Is Out To Prove Critics Wrong


Photo: (Sparker1108/youtube)

It's not Friday, and we have a Rebecca Black song stuck in our head...Huh?! That's because... She's baaaack!

With "Friday," Rebecca Black found herself responding to bullies online, but it's like, c'mon, give the teenager a break! She's doing her thang and having fun. Like my tennis coach once said, "Don't hate; appreciate."

In her brand spankin' new track, "My Moment," she follows up her weekend party anthem with a few words for us all--she ain't taking any of anyone's bull, she's got dreams to make come true. She sings:

Were you the one who said that I would be nothing
Well, I'm about to prove you wrong
I'm not the only one who believes in something
My one wish is about to come true

I'm not stopping for you
No matter what you do
I'll just keep on dreaming
My head up in the clouds when nobody is around to see...

And you know what? We're with her. Take a step or two to stop cyberbullying and spread love instead, below.

Watch Rebecca Black's new video for "My Moment"