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Over the Line? Guidelines

We reserve the right to remove content that violates our guidelines and terms of use without notification. If you have submitted a story to Over the Line? or commented on a post and do not see it on the site, chances are it was flagged and removed for inappropriate content or copyright infringement.

General Guidelines

  • Follow the rules. Seriously! Failure to comply with posted guidelines will result with a warning followed by a deletion of your account if you continue to disregard these really simple guidelines. This isn't baseball and we have a two-strike policy here. That means that you if mess up twice, you're out.
  • Don't even think about doing anything illegal. If we find you doing anything illegal, your account will be deleted and we will report you immediately to the appropriate authorities.

Over the Line? Guidelines

Follow these steps to make sure your submissions and comments make on the site:

  • Respect others. We at are a diverse community. Preserving this means that respecting other people's beliefs and property is a must. Behave the same way on our site as you would in the real world. Treat people as if you were talking to them face-to-face and show them the same respect you expect them to show you.
  • Never reveal personally-identifiable information in your submissions or comments. Whether you're submitting a story to Over the Line? or commenting, be sure not to give out your real name, e-mail address, address, phone number, or hangouts. Don't reveal personal information about anyone else you mention either-even their first name. And if this information is available on other websites, don't add links to those sites. It's not only against the rules to put personally-identifiable information but it could also be dangerous.
  • Spare us the graphic details! Over the Line? is all about sharing your experiences with tough issues like sexting, and digital harassment. As you post, be sure to think about what is necessary in order for the community to understand the situation- no one wants to hear allll the details! If you post stories, jokes, or other content with graphic details, your submission will not surface on Over the Line?
  • Finally, don't spam or copy and paste messages repeatedly. This one seems pretty obvious, but plastering people with unwanted or inappropriate comments is definitely not cool. Need we say more.

One Last Note

These guidelines and our Terms of Use are here to keep as cool a place as possible for all of you and to ensure that everyone can enjoy and the Over the Line? application in a safe and responsible manner. Thanks!