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You can take a stand on digital abuse by hosting a screening of (DIS)CONNECTED, an original MTV film that tells the story of four young people whose lives unexpectedly collide online – and one night they never could have imagined. The movie illustrates how growing up digital can complicate life and love, and serves as a call to action to help end digital abuse, illustrating what's possible when we forget there's someone on the other side of the screen.

To encourage learning and discussion, the film may be shown in conjunction with the digital toolkit, which features sample discussion questions, activity suggestions, and tips for facilitating guided discussions.

The toolkit includes:

  • Film Synopsis
  • Digital Rights Project
  • Discussion Guide
  • Optional Activities
  • Tip Sheet
  • How to Host a Screening

Download a customizable poster to promote your screening.

This film can also be used to examine other themes, like mental health and gender norms. Here are two discussion guides created by leading organizations that can help broaden your discussions.

  • Get Half of Us's discussion guide on emotional health and suicide prevention.
  • Download Scenarios USA's discussion guide, (DIS)CONNECTED: What's the REAL DEAL about power, technology and healthy relationships?

To download or stream the film for educational purposes click here.

To get a DVD copy of the film, please email